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TPO Roofing in Lubbock

TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, one of the fastest growing single ply roofing membranes on the market. They are made up of a single layer of synthetic rubbers and reinforcing scrim that naturally reflects UV rays and strengthens performance. This type of roof conserves energy and improves utility costs largely in part to the fact that its white, reflective surface keeps buildings cool during the hottest times of the year. This is especially good for TPO roofing in Lubbock’s weather. Before its application, Insulation is installed. The different types include: 

Polyiso or Polyisocyanurate – This is one of the most frequently used insulation types for roofing applications. It’s expensive, but has a high R-value rating, which means that it withstands heat very well.

EPS or Expanded Polystyrene – This one also has a high R-value and is used in roofing as well as floor and wall insulation. It’s also water resistant which is good for preventing leaks.

(XPS) Extruded Polystyrene – Coming in pink, blue, or green, It is a semipermeable material that has a perm rating of 1, which means that only a very small amount of water vapor can pass through the material.


TPO membranes are either mechanically fastened or affixed through an adhesive that bonds to the cover board. Once the membrane has been rolled into place, the seams created are welded together with a hot-air gun. The roof can be fastened on with various adhesives and welded in areas that need extra, like a chimney for example. With proper application, TPO roofing can last from 10-20 years or more. We’re proud to offer the best available TPO roofing in Lubbock!

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