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Residential Wood Roofing in Lubbock

We have a number of beautiful wood roof renditions available here at ABF. If you’re looking for a wood shake or shingle roof, we’ve got you covered. Wood roofs are a classic! They’re beautiful and unique, standing out from the majority of residential properties’ roofing. They also never go out of style and add aesthetic value and color to any property regardless of the home’s other materials. Wood roofing was first popularized during colonial times for its great durability and abundance, but the number of real wood roofs is slowly decreasing. While there are still many real wood roofs out there, they unfortunately pose a fire hazard and don’t meet the safety standards we have today. That’s why we’ve created renditions of the most popular woods used for roofs using modern, durable and safe materials that keep the aesthetic appeal of a real wood roof!


Wood roofing in Lubbock is far more rare than shingle and more and more people are getting their old real wood roofs replaced by new ones. If you currently have a real wood roof, we highly recommend that you make sure it is fire treated and meets today’s safety standards. If you need a replacement, we would love to help you find an alternative that looks great on your home whether that’s a wood rendition or different material altogether. Our goal is to make sure you love your new roof and we’ll do everything we can to give you the best experience possible from start to finish.

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