In a place like Lubbock where the weather can be so extreme, you may be wondering what makes the best roofing material for your commercial building. You want something that is durable because of our high winds, high temperatures, ice, and more. Roofs can take a real beating in the west Texas weather, and ABF Roofing knows that the best material for your commercial roof is a standing seam roof. Standing seams are some of the most durable metal roofs on the market today. They have a life expectancy of 50 years or more. Unlike other metal roofing, they have concealed fasteners that eliminate the risk of leaks, rust, and loosening screws, all of which are frequent problems in the Lubbock weather. Because of their concealed seams, this level of protection can last a lifetime.

Standing seams are occasionally used on walls as well, making them a great option if you’re going for an all metal look. They are more expensive than shingles, but their life expectancy more than makes up for it. One standing seam roof can last longer than three shingle roofs, making them a great investment. Some benefits of standing seam roofs are as follows:

  • The panels on a standing seam roof reflect the sun’s rays and help your home to stay cool during hot months, which allows you to save on utility costs.
  • Their hidden fasteners make for a more sleek look while protecting the roof from wear and tear
  • These fasteners also make the roof much more durable over time, protecting them from harsh weather conditions.

We’re proud to offer standing seam roofing in Lubbock, so If you’re thinking about putting one on your home we would love to answer any questions you may have!

Our standing seam roofs are the best option for your commercial building. From warehouses to office buildings, we are here to make sure that your commercial standing seam roof is able to last for decades to come.