Commercial Bitumen Roofing in Lubbock

Roofing in Lubbock: ABF Commercial Bitumen Roofing

ABF Roofing offers commercial bitumen roofing in Lubbock. Bitumens are roofs designed for low slope or flat roof structures. They’re made of asphalt and polymerized rubber or plastic, then reinforced with fiberglass to create a rugged-yet-flexible waterproof membrane. Originating in Europe in the mid 1960’s, they have been used successfully in the United States and Canada since 1975. They are designed to withstand harsh exposure to extreme environmental elements and have five layers of protection which makes them one of the most trusted roofs in the industry today. We’re proud to offer bitumen roofing in Lubbock!


The 5 layers of a Bitumen

Insulation – Used to provide “R” value, or thermal resistance, for temperature stability of the roof.

Modified Base Sheets or Plies

Modified Bitumen Membranes – Sheet membrane composed of co-polymer reinforced with polyester or fiberglass.

Adhesive – Waterproofing material with a bonding agent applied hot or cold.

Surfacing – Provides UV protection and resistance from harsh weather.

Advantages of Bitumen Roofing in Lubbock

  • They have a proven track record of performance
  • Superior waterproofing characteristics
  • Broad range of application methods
  • Wide choice of top-surfacing, including “Cool Roofing” options
  • High tensile-strength
  • Available as part of a fire, wind, and/or hail rated roofing system
  • Competitive life-cycle cost
  • Long-term warranties are available

What Kind of Bitumen Roofing Do You Need?

APP Membranes

Otherwise known as “plastic asphalt,” atactic polypropylene (APP) membranes consist of asphalt blended with plasticized polymers that become elastic under hot temperatures. APP is resistant to UV rays and is a good choice for structures seeking a “cool roof” effect. This is especially good for bitumen roofing in lubbock, considering how high temperatures can get during the summer.

SBS Membranes

Styrene-butadiene-styrene is more of a rubberized membrane that combines asphalt with polymerized rubber for elasticity and flexibility. SBS works well on buildings whose roofs expand and contract with extreme temperature changes, along with roofs subject to high winds.

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